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The Utah CCW permit training class takes from 4 to 5 hours. Live firing of a weapon is not required to obtain the Non-Resident Utah concealed weapons permit or Utah concealed carry permit.  We offer our non-resident Utah concealed carry training classes at various locations in Illinois and Wisconsin. Use the CarrySafely concealed carry training class calendar to find a date and location of a Utah Concealed Carry Training class near you.  We also Utah CCW permit finger printingoffer our Utah concealed carry permit training to private groups.  Contact Carry Safely, Inc. for more information about Utah CCW permits training for your group.

At Carry Safely we do a lot more than just teach a Utah concealed carry permit training class.

  • We do the fingerprinting.

  • We take your photo.

  • We mail everything required to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification.

That’s “One Stop Shopping” Utah concealed carry permit training
for your Utah CCW permits.

See our CCW Training & NRA Class Calendar page for class dates and info on registering for Utah Concealed Carry Permit Training.

At CarrySafely we are often asked, “What good does it do for an Illinois resident to receive Utah concealed carry permit training?  Even if I take Utah concealed carry permit training and have CCW permits from other states, I still can’t carry a concealed firearm to protect myself or my family in the state of Illinois!”

That’s a good question, and my answer is always “With Utah concealed carry permit training and Utah CCW permits, you can legally carry a concealed firearm in 32 states. That’s 60% of the USA.  So, if you travel, Utah concealed carry permit training and CCW permits from other states will allow you to protect yourself in states other than Illinois.

CCW permits are issued by 49 States and in every one of those states the crime rate has gone down when CCW permits became available to law abiding citizens. By taking Utah concealed carry permit training you can “legally carry” in 29 states.

See our Firearms Training and Classes Calendar to find a Utah Concealed Carry permit Training class or NRA defense class near you. Carry Safely also gives Utah concealed carry permit training to private clubs and groups. Contact Carry Safely for more information about private Utah concealed carry permit training, other CCW permits and NRA defense training.