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Chicago handgun Permits Training classes

We have just been notified by the Sate of Illinois that our Certifications do not meet the requirements to teach the Chicago Handgun Permit Classes. To teach the Chicago Handgun Permit Class you must be a Law Enforcement Instructor which we are not. The City of Chicago has in our opinion made the requirements for owning a handgun very difficult. That is not what the United States Supreme Court ruled. They ruled that it is our 2nd Amendment Right. So although we cant teach the Chicago Handgun Class, here is the Name, Phone number and web page of an Instructor friend of ours who is qualified.

Brian Kapnick


Chicago gun permit training and class qualifies you for a Florida Non-resident Concealed Carry permit too

Due to the fact that the new Chicago Handgun permit training and classes do require an hour of live fire on a pistol range, persons taking the Chicago Handgun Permit Training will also qualify for the Florida Non-resident Concealed Carry Permit (CCW permit) being issued by the State of Florida.

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carry safely mission

Our mission at Carry Safely is to get our students properly trained in using a firearm both safely and proficiently. Whether you are new to firearms or have years of experience. Whether you want to just go out shooting with your family or for personal protection. We can and will make you better with a handgun.

Patricia Snyder

Greg Powell